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Little Miss Whoops

Little Miss Whoops Eyes: Black
Hair: Black
Race: Human

Marital Status: Single
Known relatives: Mr. Bump (brother)
Base of operations: Happyland

Story: Little Miss Whoops is always having accidents, big and small, no matter what she does.

Little Miss Whoops 2007 version Continuity: Mr. Men/Little Miss
First app.: Books: Little Miss #33 (2003)
Creator(s): Adam Hargreaves
Country of origin: United Kingdom UK

Background notes: Little Miss Whoops is one of the characters created by Adam Hargreaves. In the original version she was just a female version of her brother Mr. Bump; round, dark blue, and wrapped in bandages. When the latest Mr. Men show was created in 2007, the American producers redesigned the character, changing the bandages and hair with glasses and a pink bow. Also she was given a more slender shape and a lighter blue color.

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