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Characters from Sanrio

Anthony White: Hello Kitty's grandfather.

Badtz-Maru: The mischievous and cool little penguin.
Bear: The teddy bear from Hello Kitty.

Chococat: The black cat who is always up on the latest news.
Cookie-Bau: The dog who loves to bake and eat cookies.

Daniel Star: Hello Kitty's boyfriend.
Duckies: The duckling who follow Chococat and his friends around.

Fifi: The energetic sheep from Hello Kitty.

George White: The hardworking father of Hello Kitty.

Hana-Maru: One of Badtz-Maru's friend.
Hello Kitty: Kitty White, the famous cute cat.

Jellybean: The bunny who love poking his nose into candy jars.
Jody: The dog who likes to read and study from Hello Kitty.
Joey: The athletic and funny mouse from Hello Kitty.

Kathy: The considerate bunny from Hello Kitty.
Kitty White: Hello Kitty, the famous cute cat.

Lorry: The squirrel from Hello Kitty.

Margaret White: Hello Kitty's grandmother.
Mary White: The kind mother of Hello Kitty.
Mimmy White: The shy twin sister of Hello Kitty.
Moley: The mole living in Hello Kitty's backyard.

Nutz: The hamster who loves nuts.

Pandaba: One of Badtz-Maru's friend.
Pochi: Badtz-Maru's "guard dog".

Tammy: One of the two entertaining monkeys from Hello Kitty.
Thomas: The energetic and busy bear from Hello Kitty.
Timmy: One of the two entertaining monkeys from Hello Kitty.
Tippy: The kind hearted bear from Hello Kitty.
Tracy: The prankster raccoon from Hello Kitty.