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Scandal Real name: Unknown

Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blond
Race: Human

Identity: Secret
Group affiliation: Regulators
Base of operations: New York City, USA

Story: One night when Blackjak was out looking for female company he met the woman who was only know as Scandal. Scandal herself was out looking for Blackjak. She had heard Blackjak was the best and wanted to join his team the Regulators. Blackjak liked her and after taking her on a job, she was accepted into the Regulators [1].

When Scandal was last seen she was still a part of the Regulators [2]. Her current whereabouts are unknown.

Powers: Scandal has the ability to adapt to her environment e.g. fire will turn her into a being of fire.

Continuity: Shadowline's part of the original Image Universe.
Publisher(s): Image
First app.: Regulators (vol. 1) #1 (1995)
Creator(s): Kurt Busiek
Ron Randall
Country of origin: USA USA

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References: 1: Regulators (vol. 1) #1
2: Regulators (vol. 1) #3