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Tajana Juarez

Vort-X Alias: Vort-X

Eyes: Blue
Hair: Orange
Height: 5' 2''
Weight: 103 lbs.
Race: Human

Occupation: Mercenary
Legal status: US citizen
Marital Status: Single
Identity: Secret
Known relatives: Jaime Juarez (brother)
Beto Juarez (son)
Group affiliation: The Regulators
Base of operations: New York City, USA

Story: Tajana Juarez and her infant son was left behind, when ShadowHawk broke the spine of her brother Jaime. Being left behind she swore to get revenge [2]. She contacted the crime czar Vendetta who gave her powers with technology left behind by the Others [3].

Joining the Regulators she set out to get revenge, but in the fight with ShadowHawk her infant son was taken by the Liquifier's cult [4] and instead the Regulators and ShadowHawk joined forces and retrieved her son [5].

When Vort-X was last seen she was still a member of the regulators [1]. Her current whereabouts are unknown.

Skills & abilities: Tajana can create svirling winds i.e. vortexes from her body emanating from any appendage. This enables her to fly and carry or throw objects.

Continuity: Shadowline's part of the original Image Universe.
Publisher(s): Malibu Comics
First app.: As Tajana: ShadowHawk (vol. 1) #2 (1992)
As Vort-X: ShadowHawk (vol. 1) #4 (1992)
Creator(s): Jim Valentino
Country of origin: USA USA

Background notes: In the beginning Vort-X was written Vortex. The reason for the change in name is probably name infringement, but has to my knowledge not been made public knowledge.

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