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Jaafs Macksun

Alias: Dragonslayer
Jeff Smax

Place of birth: Parallel 137

Eyes: Blue
Hair: White
Other distinguishing features: Jeff Smax has dark blue skin and for a time had a white hand print on his chest.
Race: Human/ogre hybrid

Occupation: Police officer at Top 10 precinct
Marital Status: Single
Identity: Publicly known
Known relatives: Rexa (sister)
Minka Lungsdotter (adopted aunt)
Mack Densun (adopted uncle, deceased)
Durnik (adopted uncle)
Valkan (adopted bother)
Group affiliation: Top 10
Base of operations: Neopolis

Story: Jaafs' mother was a human adventurer on a quest to kill an ogre. Unfortunately the ogre she tried to kill was stronger than her, and as she survived him raping her afterwards he kept her for some time. She also survived the pregnancy but having twins she didn't survive the birth [Smax #2].

Jaafs and Rexa grew up with their father until they were 13 years old. When the twins were 13, the ogre started to sexually abuse Rexa. When it happened, Jaafs couldn't do anything but as the night fell, he killed his father and they ran off. The twins wandered in the forest, until they were found by Mack and Minka who took them in [Smax #2].

The twins grew up and Jaafs had to find a job. He became a dragonslayer, and he did great. He and Rexa were close and also intimately involved as this was normal in their world. Then he got the job of saving a virgin from Morningbite. Things went wrong and the virgin died leaving the mark of her hand on his chest. Defeated he went back and left his home world. He ended up in Neopolis where he became the police officer Jeff Smax [Smax #2].

On the job at Top 10 precinct, he became partner with Stochastic Fats until Fats was killed on the job. After this, his new partner was the rookie Robyn Slinger, Toybox [Top 10 #1].

On a trip back to his uncle Mack's funeral he met with his twin sister [Smax #1] , and went on a quest to kill Morningbite [Smax #3]. The group on the quest succeeded in killing Morningbite and the released soul of the virgin took the mark of the hand from his chest before moving on [Smax #5].

After the quest Rexa went with Jaafs back to Neopolis where they started living together [Smax #5].

Skills & abilities: Jeff Smax can release energy bolts from his chest.

Continuity: America's Best Comics
Publisher(s): America's Best Comics
DC Comics
First app.: Top 10 #1 (1999)
Creator(s): Alan Moore
Gene Ha
Country of origin: USA USA

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