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Eyes: Blue
Hair: None
Race: Human

Occupation: Adventurer
Base of operations: Mobile

Story: Julius was a member of a band of thieves that accidentally found the dragon Talon and the archer Sara in a cave. When the thieves wanted to rob the two, they fought back and in the fight, Talon saved Elvin and Julius' lives. Grateful for the save, the two decided to follow Talon (who was using the name Adam and only his human form) on his travels [Dragon Cross #1+2].

By accident, Julius discovered that his traveling companion Adam was really a dragon. Fearing dragons like other humans Julius tried to run away, but Talon caught him convinced him that he was not there to harm humans and only traveled among humans to get away from the dragons and fulfill his destiny. Julius agreed to keep Talon's origin a secret and continue with him on the quest for the Dragon Cross [Dragon Cross #6].

Skills & abilities: Skilled warrior, specialized in fighting with broadsword
Equipment: Julius carries a broadsword.

Continuity: Dragon Cross
Publisher(s): Big City Comics
First app.: Dragon Cross
Creator(s): Rob Richardson
Country of origin: USA USA

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