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Vashti Eyes: Green
Hair: Green in human form, none in dragon form
Race: Dragon

Occupation: Adventurer
Marital Status: Single
Known relatives: Za'doc (father)
Two brothers
Base of operations: Mobile

Story: Talon grew up with Vashti, and the two were fond of each other. Though it was written, that Talon should marry a white dragon, Vashti's father Za'dok tried to manipulate Talon and have him marry Vashti instead. Za'dok was charged with treason and Vashti and Talon didn't see each other until many years later, when Vashti and her brothers hunted Talon [Dragon Cross #3+4].

Vashti had been told by Bronze to leave Talon alone [Dragon Cross #2], so the hunt for Talon resulted in Vashti and her brothers being sentenced to death by Bronze and the Dragon Council and she and her brothers had to run. Vashti chose to join Talon and his human companions on their quest [Dragon Cross #6].

Continuity: Dragon Cross
Publisher(s): Big City Comics
First app.: Dragon Cross #2 (2007)
Creator(s): Rob Richardson
Country of origin: USA USA

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