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Hobbes Eyes: Black
Hair: Orange, black and white fur
Race: (Toy) Tiger

Story: Hobbes is Calvin's best friend and partner-in-crime or in many cases partner-in-grime. To the rest of the World, Hobbes is just a stuffed toy, but in Calvin's world, he is very much alive. Hobbes is the good-natured, intelligent, friendly, and enthusiastic part of Calvin and Hobbes, in a sneaking-up-and-pouncing sort of way.

Continuity: Calvin and Hobbes
Publisher(s): Universal Press Syndicate
First app.: Nov. 18, 1985
Creator(s): Bill Watterson
Country of origin: USA USA

Background notes: According to Watterson, Hobbes is named after a seventeenth-century philosopher with a dim view of human nature. Hobbes was inspired by one of Watterson's cats, a gray tabby named Sprite, which provided both the personality and the long body and facial characteristics for Hobbes.

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