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April Martinez

Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Race: Human

Legal status: U.S. citizen
Marital Status: Single
Base of operations: New York City

Story: In her youth, April Martinez was John Raymond's girlfriend. The relationship didn't last [The Web #1], and after the break, she met Milton Kroft who got her involved in drugs. It was John's brother David who took care of her and got her out her addiction [The Web #1], and she started running a safe harbor house with him [The Web #4].

Kroft who now went by the name Deuces Wilde found her working at the safe harbor, and forced her to work for him. When David discovered this, he confronted Kroft and told him to leave her alone, which was why David ended up dead. To get back at Deuces Wilde and Dr. Archer, she pretended to help Dr. Archer with his scheme to overthrow Kroft [The Web #4]. It was while trying to save Dr. Archer so she could get her revenge, she discovered that John Raymond was the Web [The Web #2]. They did get Dr. Archer [The Web #3], but their attempt at getting Deuces Wilde failed. The Web did succeed in getting Kroft off her back [The Web #4].

Continuity: post-crisis New Earth/Earth-0
Company: DC Comics
First app.: Web #1 (2010)
Creator(s): Angela Robinson
Roger Robinson
Country of origin: USA USA

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