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Dr. Archer

Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown
Race: Human

Occupation: Presumed to be a doctor of psychiatry or an MD, drug developer for Deuces Wilde
Base of operations: New York City

Story: Deuces Wilde was a drug kingpin who employed Dr. Archer to develop a drug that later became known as Vyce. Dr. Archer did his experiments on his mental patients at Bellevue, and while refining the drug, the bad batches were sold as drugs. In the end Dr. Archer succeeded in creating a pharmaceutical grade of Vyce which Deuces Wilde used [The Web #4].

Dr. Archer and his aide Deadly Force were the ones to kidnap David Raymond when he had gotten himself into trouble owing money to the wrong people. The kidnapping went wrong as John Raymond went after Dr. Archer and Deadly Force as the Web, ending with the death of David Raymond [Red Circle: The Web #1].

After David Raymond's funeral, the Web started hunting down Archer and his aide Deadly Force. Deadly Force he caught almost immediately [The Web #1], and Dr. Archer was caught shortly after [The Web #3].

Continuity: post-crisis New Earth/Earth-0
Company: DC Comics
First app.: Superman #688 (2009)
Creator(s): J. Michael Straczynski
Roger Robinson
Country of origin: USA USA

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