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Aleyen Place of birth: H'trae

Eyes: Green
Hair: Brown
Height: 6' 2''
Weight: 190 lbs.
Race: Human

Occupation: Wanderer/Thief
Base of operations: Mobile

Story: Only very little has been revealed about Aleyen. He has made a living from stealing and mugging people and will do what it takes to survive. This has earned him the attention of the local law enforcement, the Guardsmen. Arrteck in particular has a bone to pick with Aleyen. The story behind this has not been revealed either.

Continuity: Earth's Sons
Publisher(s): Dark Ocean Studios
First app.: Earth's Sons #1 (2007)
Creator(s): Jody Parker
Daniel Logan
Country of origin: USA USA

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Wall papers:
Dark Ocean Studios
1280 x 959
Dark Ocean Studios
1452 x 962