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Setrar Cydem

Setrar Cydem Place of birth: Sonlar above the planet H'trae

Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde
Height: 6' 4''
Weight: 198 lbs.
Race: Human

Occupation: Earthson
Base of operations: Mobile

Story: Setrar Cydem grew up in Sonlar, a spectacular city floating high above the surface of H'trae. The people of Sonlar normally shun those living on the surface, slowly dying out from the planet's toxicity. Setrar however decided to leave his people and travel to the surface to help wherever he could. On the surface he is often mistrusted and feared by those he helps and at the same time is despised by his fellow Earthsons.

Continuity: Earth's Sons
Publisher(s): Dark Ocean Studios
First app.: Earth's Sons #1 (2007)
Creator(s): Jody Parker
Daniel Logan
Country of origin: USA USA

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Dark Ocean Studios Dark Ocean Studios Dark Ocean Studios Dark Ocean Studios

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Wall papers:
Dark Ocean Studios
1280 x 959
Dark Ocean Studios
1452 x 962