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Filo Sganga

Filo Sganga Eyes: Black
Hair: White feathers
Race: Chicken

Occupation: Businessman
Marital Status: Single
Base of operations: Duckburg

Story: Filo Sganga the business partner of Brigitta.

Continuity: Disney
Publisher(s): Disney
First app.: Topolino #272 (February 1, 1961)
Creator(s): Romano Scarpa
Country of origin: Italy Italy

Background notes: Filo Sganga the aid of Brigitta was introduced at Brigitta's second appearance. Originally he was one of Scrooge McDuck's adversaries like Rockerduck and Flintheart Glomgold, only without the talent for making money or staying on the right side of the law all the time. Later he was adjusted to being a businessman with limited success. Like Brigitta he is mostly a European character and is only seen in USA in reprints, and in this case only once or twice according to the information available at the time. Despite his lack of appearance Scarpa gave him an American name, Jubal Cock. Cock is not a bad name per se as it describes his ancestry like Duck and Mouse in Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse: a grown-up male chicken. Unfortunately in English it is also a sexual reference and the Disney universe is completely free of anything related to sex. The name was therefore changed to Jubal Pomp.

Like his partner Brigitta, Filo Sganga never really made it to other medias. A figurine has been seen, and there may be a few more items, but he is still used in Italian stories, so he may make it outside comics yet.

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