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Newton Eyes: Black
Hair: Brown
Race: Chicken

Occupation: School kid and inventor
Legal status: U.S. citizen
Marital Status: Single
Known relatives: Gyro Gearloose (uncle)
Fulton Gearloose (great uncle, deceased)
Ratchet Gearloose (great-granduncle, deceased)
Group affiliation: The Junior Woodchucks
Base of operations: Duckburg, USA

Story: Newton is Gyro Gearloose's nephew who is also an inventor.

Continuity: Disney
Publisher(s): Disney
Gold Key Comics
Whitman Publishing
First app.: Comics: Topolino #507 (1965) and Mickey #154 (1965)
Creator(s): Vic Lockman
Phil DeLara
Country of origin: USA USA

Background notes: Newton was created by Vic Lockman and Phil DeLara in 1965. While he was an American character, and from the appearances in the first years, also intended to be used for the U.S. publications, his first appearances were actually in the Italian Topolino #507 and the Brazilian Mickey #154, both from August 1965. In the U.S. he did not appear until 1966 in Mickey Mouse #107. At first the stories with Newton were only produced in USA, but then in 1973, the Brazilians started using the character on a regular basis, and in 1976, the Danes started producing stories. By 1979 the production of stories with Newton had moved from USA to Europe and Brazil, and since 1995 almost all the stories has been produced in Italy. The last record of a story so far, is from 2007, but most likely, he will be used again. As a curio, Newton was for some reason named Giggy Gearloose, when he appeared in Junior Woodchucks #46 from 1977.

It has not been possible to find any indications of Newton being transferred to other media. A character that looked a lot like him appeared in the DuckTales episode Superdoo from 1987, but he was never named in the episode, and he did not use any kind of gizmo which would identify him as Newton. It is very likely, that merchandise with Newton has been produced at some point, somewhere.

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