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Dracula Eyes: Grey
Hair: Red
Other distinguishing features: Green skin
Race: Vampire

Marital Status: Married
Known relatives: La Belle-Mére (wife)
Dracurella (stepdaughter)

Story: The gypsies had kidnapped a baby, which they offered Dracula in return for camping on his grounds without suffering under his savagery. The child having RH-negative blood, was unfit for consummation but instead of disposing the child somewhere, he adopted the girl, naming her Dracurella [1].

Skills & abilities: Dracula has the powers of a vampire i.e. enhanced strength, speed, shape changing and immortality from being undead.

Continuity: Dracurella
Publisher(s): Dargaud Editeur
First app.: Dracurella (1976)
Creator(s): Julio Ribera
Country of origin: France France

Background notes: This is one of the strangest versions of Bram Stoker's famous Count. For the most part it is downright silly, like he way he likes city-dwellers because they have carbon dioxide in their blood (i.e. a blood soda), but otherwise it is surreal like him being married to the evil queen from Disney's Snow White and having Victor von Frankenstein in his employment.

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  1. Dracurella #1
    Dargaud, 1976