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Dracurells Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black
Race: Human

Marital Status: Single
Known relatives: Dracula (stepfather)
La Belle-Mére (stepmother)

Story: The gypsies had kidnapped a baby, which they offered Dracula in return for camping on his grounds without suffering under his savagery. The child having RH-negative blood, was unfit for consummation but instead of disposing the child somewhere, Dracula adopted the girl, naming her Dracurella. She should have been raised in blood like a vampire, but she was intolerant to the blood and instead Bacil raised her on a mixture of milk and cherry juice, which looked like blood [1].

Dracurella was not cut out for the world of horror and one day, when she was escaping from Dr. Jekyll, she met the dragon she named Gri-Grill. The dragon loved her at first sight and took her home where he gave her what she really wanted: A nice little home complete with all the things a housewife could want [1].

Continuity: Dracurella
Publisher(s): Dargaud Editeur
First app.: Dracurella (1976)
Creator(s): Julio Ribera
Country of origin: France France

Background notes: Even though the series Dracurella is rather silly, it also requires a lot of insight into the horror genre. The series is filled with book refences and bizarre versions of all the horror book characters Ribera could get on the pages. Ribera's art and the seventies feel of the series (e.g. Dracula in bell-bottom trousers and high-heeled boots from the disco era) ads a surreal touch to the series.

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  1. Dracurella #1
    Dargaud, 1976