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Gri-Grill Eyes: Green
Other distinguishing features: Gri-Grill has no tail.
Race: Dragon

Story: When Dracurella met Dr. Jekyll and had to run away from him, she came by the lake where Gri-Grill was swimming. The dragon fell in love with her and took her home where he got her all the things she wanted like TV, furniture, washing machine etc. Gri-Grill lost his tail shortly after. A guy who had read too many stories about knights wanted to save Dracurella and chopped off Gri-Grill's tail in the process [1].

Continuity: Dracurella
Publisher(s): Dargaud Editeur
First app.: Dracurella (1976)
Creator(s): Julio Ribera
Country of origin: France France

  1. Dracurella #1
    Dargaud, 1976

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