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Barend Eyes: Black
Hair: Black
Race: Human

Occupation: Office assistant at BVD, the Dutch secret service
Group affiliation: BVD (Binnenlandse Veiligheids Dienst), the Dutch secret service

Story: Barend is the office assistant at BVD. He has been on several missions both as Agent 327's assistant and on his own.

Continuity: Agent 327
Publisher(s): Oberon b.v.
First app.: Dossier Leeuwenkuil (1970)
Creator(s): Martin Lodewijk
Country of origin: Netherlands Netherlands

Background notes: Any hero needs a sidekick or at least a supporting cast. Barend is both. He is a big fan of Agent 327 and will go on missions with him any time, but he has also shown to be able to work on his own.

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