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Hendrik IJzerbroot

Hendrik IJzerbroot/Agent 327 Alias: Agent 327

Eyes: Black
Hair: Black
Race: Human

Date of birth: 1930

Occupation: Secret agent for BVD, the Dutch secret service
Legal status: Dutch citizen
Marital Status: Single
Identity: Secret
Group affiliation: BVD (Binnenlandse Veiligheids Dienst)

Story: Hendrik IJzerbroot was born in 1930 in Holland. During WWII he helped hiding a British spy who was dropped the wrong place and became a part of the Dutch resistance. Later in 1948 he joined the Dutch intelligence BVD [1]. Hendrik IJzerbroot is still a secret agent working to keep the world free.

Skills & abilities: Agent 327 is an expert marksman and a master of several disciplines in the martial arts.

Continuity: Agent 327
Publisher(s): Oberon b.v.
First app.: Pep #21 (1966)
Creator(s): Martin Lodewijk
Country of origin: Netherlands Netherlands

Background notes: Agent 327 was originally created as a strip series in the magazine Pep in 1966. The series was popular and became an album series in 1970. After the album "de ogen van Wu Manchu" in 1983, Lodewijk took an long break from the series and it was assumed that he had stopped the series. Then in 1999, he started writing new stories.

Agent 327 was originally a parody on the popular secret agent series spoofing especially James Bond. Later, due to solid storytelling, the series moved beyond that. A lot of the original ideas are still in the series like all the silly secret entrances and disguises when he comes to the office and the secretary with a crush on him. Also characters like Dr. Maybe, Fi-Doh and Abraham Zondag instead of Dr. No, Oddjob and Ernest Blofeld respectively.

Names around the World:
DenmarkHenrik Harkhoost
NetherlandsHendrik IJzerbroot

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References: 1: Dossier Leeuwenkuil