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Franciscus Tietjerksteradeel

Franciscus Tietjerksteradeel Eyes: Black
Hair: Gray
Race: Human

Occupation: Adventurer

Story: Franciscus Tietjerksteradeel was on a journey around the World in his boat "Tipsy Mot", to show that anything the British could do, the Dutch could do better. While on the journey he met Agent 327 a couple of times while he was on some of his missions [1,2].

Tietjerksteradeel did eventually finish his journey and came back to Holland where he was received as a hero [3].

Continuity: Agent 327
Publisher(s): Oberon b.v.
First app.: Dossier Stemkwadrater (1968)
Creator(s): Martin Lodewijk
Country of origin: Netherlands Netherlands

Names around the World:
DenmarkFrans Tietjerksteradeel
NetherlandsFranciscus Tietjerksteradeel

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References: 1: Dossier Stemkwadrater
2: Dossier Zondagskind
3: Dossier Heksenkring & Onder water