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Dr. Maybe

Dr. Maybe Eyes: Black
Hair: Black
Race: Human

Occupation: Evil genius

Story: Dr. Maybe is the evil genius that runs a criminal organization. The only ambition the doctor has is to steal secrets and sell them to the highest bidder and get rich.

Continuity: Agent 327
Publisher(s): Oberon b.v.
First app.: Dossier Stemkwadrater (1968)
Creator(s): Martin Lodewijk
Country of origin: Netherlands Netherlands

Background notes: Agent 327 started out as a James Bond parody, and just like James Bond met Dr. No, Hendrik IJzerbroot met Dr. Maybe. Contrary to Dr. No, Dr. Maybe was seen several times, and he had assistants like Fi-Doh who survived encounters with Agent 327.

Names around the World:
DenmarkDr. Maybe
NetherlandsDr. Maybe

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