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Adamson Eyes: Black
Hair: Black
Race: Human

Story: Adamson is the little everyday man who is struggling with everyday problems.

Continuity: Adamson
Publisher(s): P.I.B.
First app.: Söndags-Nisse (1920)
Creator(s): Oscar Jacobsson
Country of origin: Sweden Sweden

Background notes: When the series Adamson was introduced in 1920, it quickly became quite successful. Partially because of the offbeat humor and expressive art, but also due to the lack of comic book strips in Europe at the time. Like Ferd'nand and Alfredo, Adamson was an ordinary man with everyday problems like missing buttons, rude waiters and kids and like many other Scandinavian series Adamson was a pantomime series. A few strips exist with text, but most of the series was pantomime. Contrary to today, pantomime series were quite common at the time. It was a matter of practicality, as the series didn't need to be translated, but also a way of telling a story like silent movies.

The creator of Adamson, Oscar Jacobsson, is considered one of the greatest Swedish cartoonists. He wrote and drew the series until his death in 1945. After this, the series was taken over by the Danish cartoonist Viggo Ludvigsen who wrote the series until it stopped in 1964.

Honoring the series contribution to comics, Svenska Serieakademin (the Swedish Comic Academy) founded the Adamson Award in 1965. The award was two annual awards in the form of Adamson statuettes given to a domestic and a foreign comic book artist. The Adamson Awards is still given every year and is considered a great honor.

Adamson never made it to other medias like cartoons, but a little merchandise with Adamson has been done e.g. an Adamson ashtray.

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