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Megan Wylie

Megan Wylie Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black
Race: Human

Occupation: Major in the US army, assigned to Project: X-O
Legal status: US citizen
Marital Status: Single
Known relatives: David Wylie (father)
Martha Wylie (mother, deceased)
Donovan Wylie (brother)
Group affiliation: U.S. Army
Project: X-O

Story: Megan grew up with her brother Donovan. Her father used to joke about her being his only son. After having two strokes, he asked his best friend James Laidlaw to look after her, which he did [2].

Megan was a part of Project: X-O and had been from the beginning along with James Laidlaw [1].

Continuity: Valiant VH-2
Publisher(s): Acclaim Comics
First app.: X-O Manowar (vol. 2) #1 (1997)
Creator(s): Mark Waid
Brian Augustyn
Sean Chen
Country of origin: USA USA

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  1. X-O Manowar (1996 series) #1
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  2. X-O Manowar (1996 series) #20
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