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Jock Eyes: Black
Hair: Gray fur
Race: Dog, Scottish terrier

Story: Jock is one of the dogs living near Lady and the Tramp.

Continuity: Disney
Publisher(s): Disney
Dell Comics
Gold Key
Whitman Publishing
First app.: Cartoons: Lady and the Tramp (June 16, 1955)
Comics: Four Color Comics #625 (1955)
Creator(s): Erdman Penner
Joe Rinaldi
Ralph Wright
Don DaGradi
Marvin Woodward
Country of origin: USA USA

Background notes: Jock is one of the supporting characters from the original cartoon Lady and the Tramp from 1955. Even though his role was small he played an important role as one of Lady's friends and one of the dogs who saved Tramp from the dogcatcher. Like the other characters from Lady and the Tramp, Jock did not transfer to the Disney TV-shows like DuckTales and Mickey Mouse Works, and did not occur in cartoons until Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp's adventure from 2001. In the first cartoon his voice was done by Bill Thompson who also did several other voices in that cartoon and in the second it was Jeff Bennett who, like Thompson, also did several of the other voices in the cartoon.

With the comic book adaptation of the cartoon, Jock was given his first comic book appearance. It was however with the introduction of Scamp's adventures he became a strong supporting character.

Being a character in the immensely popular Lady and the Tramp merchandise with Jock was inevitable, though is hasn't been much. Mostly it has been figurines and pins.

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