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Profesor Bacterio

Professor Bacterio Eyes: Black
Hair: None
Race: Human

Occupation: Mad scientist
Legal status: Spanish citizen
Group affiliation: T.I.A. (Técnicos Investigación Aeroterráquea)

Story: Profesor Bacterio is the mad scientist at T.I.A. He is always coming up with brilliant inventions for Mortadelo and Filemón, which are supposed to help them on their missions. They usually have some unforeseen effect, leading to disaster.

Continuity: Mortadelo y Filemón
Company: Editorial Bruguera
First app.: Comics: El Sulfato Atómico (1969)
Movies: La Gran aventura de Mortadelo y Filemón (2003)
Creator(s): Francisco Ibáñez
Country of origin: Spain Spain

Background notes: No secret agent can do his job properly without gadgets, James Bond has Q, and Mortadelo and Filemón has Profesor Bacterio. However where Q is a reasonable man who's gadgets work, Bacterio is a mad scientist who's gadgets rarely works as intented.

When Mortadelo y Filemón was transferred to movies, the professor was played by Janfri Topera.

Names around the World:
DenmarkProfessor Bakterius
GermanyDr. Bakterius
SpainProfesor Bacterio

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