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Filemón Pí

Filemón Eyes: Black
Hair: Black
Race: Human

Occupation: Field operative for T.I.A.
Legal status: Spanish citizen
Marital Status: Single
Known relatives: Mentxu (mother)
Group affiliation: T.I.A. (Técnicos Investigación Aeroterráquea)

Story: Filemón is the chief and supposedly the brain in the Mortadelo/Filemón team. Usually he is the one who will get hit, burned, blown up or otherwise harmed when something goes wrong.

Continuity: Mortadelo y Filemón
Company: Editorial Bruguera
First app.: Comics: Pulgarcito #1394 (January 20, 1958)
Movies: La Gran aventura de Mortadelo y Filemón (2003)
Creator(s): Francisco Ibáñez
Country of origin: Spain Spain

Background notes: When Mortadelo y Filemón was transferred to movies, Filemón Pí was played by Pepe Viyuela.

Names around the World:
DenmarkFlip (1970s and 1980s)
Flop (1990s to present)
GermanyJeff Smart
SpainFilemón Pí

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