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Nermal Eyes: Black
Hair: Grey
Race: Cat

Story: Nermal is the self-proclaimed "World's Cutest Kitten". Nermal often flaunts his cuteness, using it to taunt Garfield about his looks and age.

Continuity: Garfield and friends
Publisher(s): Syndicated series
First app.: Comics: September 3, 1979
Cartoons: Peace & Quiet (September 17, 1988)
Movies: Garfield - The Movie (2004)
Creator(s): Jim Davis
Country of origin: USA USA

Background notes: Being as rude, fat and obnoxious as Garfield, a series would obviously need a cute kitten like Nermal to annoy him. Nermal was introduced in the comic strip in 1979, and has been one of the regulars ever since. When Garfield was made into a cartoon series in 1988, Nermal was once again a part of the cast (voice by Desirée Goyette), and when Garfield was made into a movie, Nermal was there too (voice by David Eigenberg).

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