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Odie Eyes: Black
Hair: Blond
Race: Dog

Story: Odie is lovable, drooling and one of the dumbest dogs alive. He is Garfield's faithful friend, and quite often the butt of Garfield's jokes.

Continuity: Garfield and friends
Publisher(s): Syndicated series
First app.: Comics: August 8, 1978
Cartoons: Garfield in the Rough (1984)
Games: Garfield: Big Fat Hairy Deal (1989)
Movies: Garfield - The Movie (2004)
Creator(s): Jim Davis
Country of origin: USA USA

Background notes: As dumb dogs goes, Odie is one of the competitors for the first price. He never says a word, at best he barks or growls (voice by Gregg Berger in the cartoons), but for the most part he just drools and wags his tail. A few examples exist where Odie has a line, but they are very rare.

Odie was introduced shortly after the Garfield strip started. He came as the pet of Jon's friend Lyman, and somewhere along the line he became Jon's pet instead (In the movie version, Jon picked him up at the vet). He has stayed with Garfield ever since across every media where Garfield has been used, which is virtually everything.

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