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Garfield & Friends

Arlene: The gap toothed and sarcastic friend of Garfield.

Blue: The kitten at Orson's farm.
Bo: The happy and not too bright sheep at Orson's farm.
Booker: The worm chasing adventurous chicken.

Cody: The playful pup at Orson's farm.

Dad Arbuckle: Jon Arbuckle's father.
Doc Boy: Jon Arbuckle's brother.

Garfield: The famous fat cat.

Irma: The waitress at the diner where Jon hangs out.

Jon Arbuckle: The proud owner of Garfield.

Lanolin: The temperamental sheep.
Liz Wilson: Garfield's vet.

Mailman, The: The poor guy delivering mail to Jon Arbuckle.
Mom Arbuckle: Jon Arbuckle's mother.

Nermal: The World's cutest kitten.

Odie: The drooling runner up for the title as the World's dumbest dog.

Pooky: Garfield's Teddy bear.

Roy: The rooster and practical joker at Orson's farm.

Sheldon: The chicken who refuses to come out of his egg shell.

Wade: The duck who is afraid of almost anything.