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Trent Peterson

Alias: Buzzcut

Eyes: Blue
Hair: None
Other distinguishing features: Three right arms and one left arm.
Race: Mutant cyborg

Occupation: Professional killer
Legal status: U.S. citizen with a criminal record
Identity: Publicly known
Group affiliation: U.S. Army
Cyberdata Corp.

Story: Trent Peterson was one of Peter Reinbek's genetic experiments (referred to as gamma 4). Exactly what these experiments were has not been revealed, and Peterson and Morgan Stryker were the only survivors [Cyber Force Origins (vol. 1) #2].

The earliest record of Trent Peterson is his tour of duty in Vietnam in 1968 where he served in Morgan Stryker's unit. He was a ruthless killer who obviously enjoyed killing. It was during his time in 'Nam he got the name Buzzcut [Cyber Force Origins (vol. 1) #2].

The next record is 1982 when Stryker was severely injured by a fragmentation grenade. This was on a mission in Vietnam looking for MIA's from the war. Peterson who was a sergeant at the time left him to die [Cyber Force Origins (vol. 1) #2].

Skills & abilities: Buzzcut has four cybernetic arms with various weapons like grenade launchers and buzz saws.

Continuity: TopCow's part of the original Image Universe.
Publisher(s): Malibu Comics
First app.: Cyber Force (vol. 1) #1 (1993)
Creator(s): Marc Silvestri
Country of origin: USA USA

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