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Dominique Thiebaut

Alias: Cyblade

Date of birth: November 24, 1975

Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black
Height: 5' 9''
Weight: 132 lbs.
Race: Mutant cyborg

Occupation: Mercenary
Marital Status: Single
Known relatives: Michael Thiebaut (brother)
Group affiliation: Cyberdata Corp.

Skills & abilities: Cyblade can generate 'blades' of electromagnetic energy from her hands. Originally the blades would only extend from her hands, but as her powers developed she became able make blades which could be thrown over short distances before loosing cohesion.

Dominique is an expert in martial arts, including Aikido and Jeet Kun Do.

Continuity: TopCow's part of the original Image Universe.
Publisher(s): Malibu Comics
First app.: Cyber Force (vol. 1) #1 (1993)
Creator(s): Marc Silvestri
Country of origin: USA USA

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