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Brenda Lewis

Alias: Killjoy

Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Height: 5' 11''
Weight: 120 lbs
Race: Mutant cyborg

Occupation: Cyberdata S.H.O.C. leader
Legal status: U.S. citizen with a criminal record
Marital Status: Divorced
Group affiliation: Cyberdata Corp.

Story: Brenda Lewis past is a patchwork of problems and multiple run-ins with the law. She dropped out of school, had a baby, got married, divorced, and was once diagnosed as suffering from chronic drug abuse, attention deficit disorder, and anti-social personality disorders. She was also arrested for armed robbery, home invasion, auto theft, aggravated battery and reckless homicide [7].

During the seventies, Brenda Lewis, codenamed Killjoy, was a part of a team along with Rachel Rhodes (Mother One) who called herself Mother at the time. Mother One did not retrieve any information on the team as the data were corrupted, but Killjoy looked human at this point [1].

After a failed robbery attempt in 1982, Killjoy was horribly disfigured when she hit a large tanker truck in a high-speed chase thru the streets of New York. CyberData approached her and offered her enhancements that would make her the deadliest woman in the World. She took the offer and became a S.H.O.C. operative. Being a cold and ruthless killer soon made her leader of the S.H.O.C.s [7].

When Dr. Corben freed a group of S.H.O.C. troopers, Killjoy was on the team that should capture the renegades [2]. The capture failed and she lost another operative, Ballistic, to Cyber Force [3].

When Kimata took over CyberData, he tried to control the creature Kraken, but instead the creature got loose and attacked everyone on the premises, including Killjoy who was severely injured. She got away along with the operative Buzzcut, but Kraken found them both and almost destroyed them [4]. Cyber Force found them and brought Killjoy back to their headquarter where Dr. Corben tried to figure out what had happened at CyberData [5]. The remains of Killjoy were kept in a containment tank where she could survive until restored. Unfortunately she escaped and in the delirium from the damage she had sustained she blew up the headquarter [6]. Killjoy has not been seen since then.

Skills & abilities: Killjoy is a mutant, whose body and brain have been cybernetically enhanced by Cyberdata, to assist her in high speed traveling and combat. She's able to run at speeds up in excess of 3100 miles per hour for extremely short durations. She can run tirelessly at speeds under 1000 miles per hour for up to three hours. Killjoy has also been trained and is highly skilled in hand-to-hand combat, as well as various firearms, all of which she can use at superhuman speeds.

Continuity: TopCow's part of the original Image Universe.
Publisher(s): Malibu Comics
First app.: Cyber Force (vol. 1) #1 (1993)
Creator(s): Marc Silvestri
Country of origin: USA USA

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