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Crescendo Real name: Unknown

Eyes: Green
Hair: Auburn
Other distinguishing features: White skin
Race: Presumed to be human

Story: The woman who became Crescendo was a queen in a small country in the mid-east. The country was small enough to escape the notice of the old Roman Empire, but it was found by a group of Visigoths who were out plundering the mid-east. They killed the people and destroyed everything. Crescendo survived and fought her way up from slave to having wealth and power [3].

Somehow Crescendo survived thru the years, but had no real purpose in life. When she learned about a barbarian who had come to the modern world she wanted revenge for what had happened to her and her land. She destroyed Aric's company Orb Industries and in the process killed Randy Cartier and Ken Clarkson [2,3].

Crescendo was killed by Ken Clarkson, who ran her thru with a sword, and Aric who incinerated her weakened body [3].

While her body was destroyed, the soul of Crescendo was not. It was entombed in a pyramid [4]. She escaped by possessing a human who entered the tomb [5] and headed for USA. Here she gathered some of Aric's foes and tried to kill him again. This time she was supposedly destroyed for good when she was run over by a bus [6].

Note: In the out-of-continuity Heavy Metal crossover with Iron-Man she was seen alive again [1,7].

Skills & abilities: Crescendo has the ability to control other people by altering their perception of reality.

Continuity: Valiant VH-1
Publisher(s): Valiant
First app.: X-O Manowar Birthquake Prequel (vol. 1) (1995)
Creator(s): Ron Marz
Bart Sears
Andy Smith
Country of origin: USA USA

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