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Randy Cartier

Alias: X-O Manowar

Date of death: 1995
Place of death: Orb Industries Headquarters, New York

Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Race: Human

Occupation: Security chief at Orb Industries
Legal status: Canadian citizen
Marital Status: Widow
Identity: Publicly known
Known relatives: Jean-Luc (husband, deceased)
Group affiliation: Canadian Secret Service
Base of operations: Orb Industries Headquarters, New York

Story: Randy used to work for the Canadian Secret Service before working for Orb Industries [3]. She was a part of a group called the Wolfbridge group, a group formed to apprehend the international terrorist Kyle Wolfbridge. After Wolfbridge wounded her friend Paul Bouvier and killed her husband, she succeeded in tracking him down and killed him, or so everybody thought. Randy's actions were not sanctioned by the government and she was fired and the Wolfbridge group was disbanded [10].

In 1992, after the Wulfbridge group, Randy was hired as chief of security at Orb Industries [1]. For a long time she didn't know about Aric's X-O Manowar armor and why he disappeared from time to time. It wasn't until forces in the US government tried to get information on the spider aliens and the X-O armor by force, she found out [2]. The incident made Aric go away for a while leaving Randy with the armor [4].

Randy's control over the armor was quite different from Aric's. The armor began reflecting her psyche by growing spikes and twist into strange shapes [5-7]. The change wasn't permanent and after Aric returned, the armor went back to its normal shape after a short while [8].

Randy and Aric had a close relationship. After the destruction of Shanhara and death of Paul Bouvier, they became lovers. It didn't last long. After the Wolfbridge affair [9-13] Randy found that is was a mistake to continue the relationship and called it off.

The break-up was clearly a mistake, but they never made it back together again. Randy was kidnapped and tortured to death by Crescendo who wanted information on Aric and Orb Industries [14].

Equipment: For a while, Randy carried the X-O Manowar armor Shanhara.

Continuity: Valiant VH-1
Publisher(s): Valiant
Acclaim Comics
First app.: Randy Cartier: X-O Manowar (vol. 1) #12 (1993)
X-O Manowar: X-O Manowar (vol. 1) #20 (1993)
Creator(s): Bob Layton
Mike Leeke
Country of origin: USA USA

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