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Paul Bouvier

Paul Bouvier Alias: Alloy

Date of birth: 1961
Date of death: 1994
Place of death: Ulster County, New York, USA

Eyes: Green
Hair: Light brown
Other distinguishing features: Left eye missing.
Race: Human

Legal status: Canadian citizen
Identity: Publicly known
Group affiliation: Canadian Secret Service

Story: Paul Bouvier was an operative of the Canadian secret service and a former colleague of Randy Cartier. It was on a mission where he saved Randy from the terrorist Wolfbridge he lost his eye when he was shot by Wolfbridge [5].

As a friend of Randy he was around Aric and Randy a lot and got involved in the fight between the spider aliens and Aric. When the spider alien attacked Aric and destroyed his X-O Manowar armor, Paul got caught in the fight and was terminally wounded [1-3].

Solar, who had defeated a spider alien with an X-O Manowar armor on Saturn, went back there to get a seed which was on the armor and brought it to Aric. Making an armor from the seed however required a host organism to merge with. The problem with finding a host for the seed was solved quickly. Paul being terminally wounded by the spider aliens volunteered to be the host. It would be a way to achieve immortality and not having to watch himself turning into a vegetable from the poison which was slowly killing him. He took the seed and Pol-Bekhara was created [4].

The creation of Pol-Bekhara didn't destroy Paul. Instead he became a separate part of the armor. Contrary to the armor Shanhara, Paul as a part of Pol-Bekhara could communicate directly with the user and take control of the armor. He tried to several times to separate himself from the armor and on several occasions took over the control of the armor. As time went by, Paul apparently went insane inside the armor and ended up taking over control of the armor and attacking Aric. In the last fight for control of the armor, Aric expelled Paul's soul from the armor. Paul's soul drifted to the remains of Shanhara, which it succeeded in turning into a new body and he took the name Alloy [6]. Alloy only existed shortly and was destroyed in the following fight with Aric [7].

Alloy was partially resurrected, and only briefly, when archeologist Samantha Jones took the head of Alloy to the states and it was put on an old medieval armor. In this form Alloy could control the armor, but had no real strength. He joined forces with Crescendo, one of her men, Lummox and a spider alien who had survived a confrontation with Aric. The fight was brief and the last pieces of Alloy were blasted to a cinder [8-10].

Skills & abilities: As Alloy, Paul did not have all the abilities of the X-O armor. The flight capability and strength was retained and the ion-cannons at the wrists were changed into an electrical discharge. Other capabilities were not shown.

Continuity: Valiant VH-1
Publisher(s): Valiant
Acclaim Comics
First app.: Paul Bouvier: X-O Manowar (vol. 1) #18 (1993)
Alloy: X-O Manowar (vol. 1) #50-X (1995)
Creator(s): Jorge Gonzáles
Jim Calafiore
Country of origin: USA USA

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