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Ken Clarkson

Date of death: 1995
Place of death: Orb Industries Headquarters, New York

Eyes: Green
Hair: Black
Race: Human

Occupation: C.E.O. at Orb Industries
Legal status: U.S. citizen
Marital Status: Single
Identity: Publicly known
Base of operations: Orb Industries Headquarters, New York

Story: Ken was an ambitious guy who worked for Orb Industries. At some point de discovered that the company he worked for was run by spider-aliens. Instead of getting out, he decided to cooperate with the spider-aliens. On his last assignment for the spider-aliens he met Aric whom he was supposed to lure into a trap. Instead of betraying Aric he ended up helping him [1,2].

After the defeat of the spider-aliens Ken set Aric up as the owner of Orb Industries and himself as C.E.O. [3]. Here he took care of the day-to-day problems with the company, while trying to gain as much power as possible. He made several attempts on taking control over the X-O Manowar armor but never could go thru with it. Instead he tried to run for senator [4]. The plans for becoming a senator was stopped when he didn't want to help the US government in their plans to take the X-O armor from Aric [5].

When Crescendo kidnapped Ken and Randy Cartier in order to destroy Orb Industries, he was killed by Crescendo when he saved Aric's life. His final act before dying was to run a sword thru Crescendo, weakening her enough for Aric to finish her off [6].

Equipment: For a while Ken had a bionic arm made from Aric's X-O armor. The bionic arm ultimately regenerated the lost arm.

Continuity: Valiant VH-1
Publisher(s): Valiant
Acclaim Comics
First app.: X-O Manowar (vol. 1) #1 (1992)
Creator(s): Jim Shooter
Steve Englehart
Barry Windsor-Smith
Bob Layton
Country of origin: USA USA

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