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Joel Salvador Alonday II

Alias: Grail

Place of birth: Pampanga, Philippines

Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Height: 6' 1''
Weight: 201 lbs.
Race: Human

Occupation: WetWorks operative; assassination
Legal status: U.S. citizen under NSC military injunction 9032.RAC-3
Known relatives: Joie (fiancée)
Joel Denator Alonday (father)
Group affiliation: Philippine Rangers
Team 7

Story: Joel Alonday II was born and raised in the Philippines. When he became old enough, he joined the country's Marine Rangers where he became an operative with the rank of sergeant [9]. On a joint mission with the U.S., he was noticed by Jackson Dane, who arranged for him to be transferred to the U.S. Army/Team 7 [9].

On a mission to the Transylvania with the Team 7 at the time, what was supposed to be a biological weapon held by a loosing faction in the Balkan was actually a nanotech alloy which was essentially a non-carbon based life form. In reality, Team 7 was supposed to retrieve or destroy the alloy before it fell into the hands of the Vampire Nation. The mission didn't go as planned, and Team 7 was exposed to the alloy which bound itself to their skin and acted like a living armor. Realizing something was wrong, Miles Craven ordered the supporting troops to kill Dane and his team, but Mother-One who had herself been exposed to the alloy before the team helped taking out the troops and save Team 7 [1].

After the Balkan mission, Dane and his team was approached by Armand Waering, who took them back to the States and tried to help them use their new golden armor [2]. As the symbiote had been developed by Waering industries [9], and Waering himself was connected to the Night Tribe and had his own agenda, the team was shortly after sent out on a mission to prevent the release of a viral agent by the Night Tribe. The mission succeeded in the sense that the virus was stopped, but Flattop and Crossbones were killed, and Grail and Dozer were changed. Grail's symbiote started to glow and changed partially to an energy form [3,4].

As Grail had some time to study what was happening, he found out that it was his chi energy that he could extend outside his body, and his golden symbiote became permanently bluish-white from the energy. At the same time, the symbiotes began to develop a low level telepathic ability towards other symbiotes of the same kind [4]. In his final transformation, he was stuck in his chi state, unable to turn off the symbiote and revert to normal [5].

In 1998, WetWorks, Grifter and Lynch were attacked by Rostov, a powerful telepath who was believed to have been killed by Team 7 [6]. Rostov was defeated, but after the fight Dane was tired of always being someone's tool and he decided that the team should go underground for a while to find a new role for WetWorks [7].

In 2006 when the team was seen next, Grail was still at part of the team [8].

Skills & abilities: Grail is a highly skilled soldier, specialized in infiltration and assassination. The symbiote covering the body acts as a living armor and gives a low level telepathic ability towards the other carriers of a similar symbiote. Grail's symbiote is special in appearance, as it is bluish white from being an extension of Joel's chi energy.

Continuity: WildStorm
Publisher(s): Malibu Comics
DC Comics
First app.: WildC.A.T.S (Vol. 1) #2 (1992)
Creator(s): Whilce Portacio
Brandon Choi
Country of origin: USA USA

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