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Nathanial Blackbird

Alias: Blackbird
The Jaquar

Place of birth: Aspen, Colorado, USA

Eyes: Brown in human form, red with no visible iris in wolf form
Hair: Black in human form, brown fur in wolf form
Other distinguishing features: Red tattoo on the right side of his face.
Race: Werewolf

Occupation: WetWorks operative
Legal status: U.S. citizen
Known relatives: Alexander Blackbird (adopted father)
Maritza Blackbird (sister)
Armand Waering (biological father, deceased)
Adopted mother not named (deceased)
Group affiliation: United States Special Operations Group
Were Nation

Story: Nathan Blackbird came from a wealthy family. He became a soldier in the United States Special Operations Group [6], but otherwise nothing has been revealed about his past.

Blackbird met WetWorks when they were on a mission in the Mountains. WetWorks and Blackbird did succeed in killing the monsters they encountered, but Blackbird failed in saving the kid he was protecting. After the failed mission, he met with Waering and joined WetWorks to help finding his lost sister Maritza [1], and after they found her [2], he stayed with the team.

When Drakken launched an attack on Waering in order to get hold of the symbiotes WetWorks were carrying, Waering was betrayed by his aide Lupo, who was killed by Drakken in return [3]. Waering escaped and teamed up with Nathanial Blackbird, trying to change what was happening to fit his own secret agenda [4]. Instead of helping him, Blackbird who had had enough of Waering's schemes attacked him when he had an opening. Trying to stop the fight Waering revealed that he was the biological father of Nathanial and Martiza, but it didn't stop Blackbird. Waering wasn't killed by the fight with his son, but a cave-in while they were fighting crushed and killed him. The cave-in was caused by Dozer trying to move above the cave and it killed Dozer and Claymore too [5].

The death of Waering made Blackbird the new Jaquar, and after the mission was done he went back to his tribe and responsibility as its leader [5]. What happened after this has not been revealed.

Skills & abilities: As a werewolf, Blackbird can change shape to a wolf form which is much stronger, agile and faster than his human form.

Continuity: WildStorm
Publisher(s): Image
First app.: WetWorks (vol. 1) #18 (1996)
Creator(s): Francis Takenaga
Cedric Nocon
Country of origin: USA USA

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