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Jackson Michael Dane

Alias: Arclight

Place of birth: Battle Creek, MI, USA

Eyes: Dark red, originally brown
Hair: Brown
Height: 6' 4''
Weight: 285 lbs.
Race: Human

Occupation: Colonel in the US army
Legal status: U.S. citizen with no criminal record
Marital Status: Single
Known relatives: Charles Dane (father)
Mother not named
Thomas (brother, deceased)
Group affiliation: Delta Force/U.S. Army
Team 7

Story: The details have not been revealed, but Jackson Dane joined Team 7 (code name Arclight), funded by I.O and led by Miles Craven [Team 7 (vol. 1) #1]. Before Team 7, he was in the Special Forces Detachment Delta (Delta Force) with the rank of colonel [WetWorks Sourcebook #1]. At some point when his brother died, he wanted to leave, but to honor his brother's memory he stayed in the army [WetWorks (vol. 1) #29]. In the seventies, he and the rest of the team were sent in on undercover operations all over the World. It was during this time, Team 7 was sent to an African country. According to the mission briefing by Miles Craven, the country had developed some sort of super narcotic that made the victims mad and I.O wanted the project shut down. The team went in, but it turned out the missions specs were wrong, and Team 7 ended up getting exposed to the gas instead [Team 7 (vol. 1) #1]. The gas it turned out was an experiment with gen-factors led by Miles Craven (not revealed until much later), and Team 7 survived as the only ones, though team member Richard McNamara, Boloround, killed himself shortly after because he couldn't control his explosive powers [Team 7 (vol. 1) #2].

After waking up, some of the members of Team 7 started manifesting powers. Dane got some telekinesis that soon grew strong [Team 7 (vol. 1) #3]. The team was immediately sent out on new missions, however it only lasted shortly. Craven tried to kill the team with a low yield nuke, but the team survived by combining their new abilities. The team split up, with Dane going AWOL with Philip Chang and Cole Cash [Team 7 (vol. 1) #4].

The time on the run was very short. Shortly after, Lynch had the team reassembled on a mission in Cambodia [Team 7: Objective: Hell #1]. On the mission the team was attacked by a Russian metahuman and ended up in a catatonic state [Team 7: Objective: Hell #3]. Upon their return, he was locked up in I.O.'s Level 9.

On a mission to the Transylvania with the Team 7 at the time, what was supposed to be a biological weapon held by a loosing faction in the Balkan was actually a nanotech alloy which was essentially a non-carbon based life form. In reality, Team 7 was supposed to retrieve or destroy the alloy before it fell into the hands of the Vampire Nation. The mission didn't go as planned, and Team 7 was exposed to the alloy which bound itself to their skin and acted like a living armor. Realizing something was wrong, Miles Craven ordered the supporting troops to kill Dane and his team, but Mother-One who had herself been exposed to the alloy before the team helped taking out the troops and save Team 7 [WetWorks (vol. 1) #1].

After the Balkan mission, Dane and his team was approached by Armand Waering, who took them back to the States and tried to help them use their new golden armor [WetWorks (vol. 1) #2]. As the symbiote had been developed by Waering industries [WetWorks Sourcebook #1], and Waering himself was connected to the Night Tribe and had his own agenda, the team was shortly after sent out on a mission to prevent the release of a viral agent by the Night Tribe. The mission succeeded in the sense that the virus was stopped, but Flattop and Crossbones were killed, and Grail and Dozer were changed [WetWorks (vol. 1) #3 + 4].

Jackson led the WetWorks team for Waering, fighting the Night Tribe, for a long time, until they discovered that Waering was a part of the Night Tribe himself [WetWorks (vol. 1) #22], and his A.I. Mother was responsible for the death of Flattop and Crossbones [WetWorks (vol. 1) #23]. After defeating Mother, he and his WetWorks team left Waering [WetWorks (vol. 1) #24].

The fight with the Night Tribe continued, and along the way Jackson and his team met an alien race who also used the symbiotes. The Wisdoms as the symbiotes were actually vast living stores of knowledge created eons ago by a master race. When that civilization died out, the symbiotes were scattered around the universe with the formation of a nexus in each galaxy for collecting the information. In this galaxy, Dane was the carrier of the nexus [WetWorks (vol. 1) #30].

While fighting the Night Tribe, things had started to go wrong at I.O. [WetWorks (vol. 1) #34 + 35], and WetWorks was brought in [WetWorks (vol. 1) #36]. While things were different from the time when Craven ran I.O. the cooperation between I.O. and WetWorks did not work out. In 1998 I.O. released the powerful psionic Rostov, who was believed to have been killed by Team 7 [WetWorks (vol. 1) #41]. Rostov attacked WetWorks, Grifter and John Lynch Rostov and was ultimately defeated, but after the fight Dane was tired of always being someone's tool and he decided that the team should go underground for a while to find a new role for WetWorks [WetWorks (vol. 1) #42 + 43].

Dane and the team were not seen again until 2006 [WetWorks (vol. 2) #1]. The team was back working for the U.S. military fighting the Night Tribe, though it was mostly Dane and Mother One doing the fighting along with the creature known as Ab-Death.

Continuity: WildStorm
Publisher(s): Malibu Comics
DC Comics
First app.: WildC.A.T.S (Vol. 1) #2 (1992)
Creator(s): Whilce Portacio
Brandon Choi
Country of origin: USA USA

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