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Simon Vascar

Date of death: 2007
Place of death: Near USAF Longforth Base, USA

Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Race: Vampire

Story: Simon Vascar was one of the vampires in a parallel dimension. His bloodlust made him sneak into Muerto Angeles, one of the safe cities in the dimension. He gained the trust of the city militia and used it to open the city gates to let the Night Tribe in. The city fought back, but with severe losses, and succeeded in capturing Vascar and put him in the maximum security jail Bromion Ground [2].

Vascar should have been sacrificed to the sentient artifact called the Blood Box, but instead the Blood Box saw the use of Vascar and vanished. While in the jail, Vascar was contacted telepathically by the the Blood Box which had a plan. Vascar escaped the Bromion Ground [3] and followed the artifact to WetWork's dimension [1].

In the new dimension he contacted the king of the Vampires Johnny Savoy [3]. With the power of the Blood Box he could offer Savoy more power by making the vampires stronger, but at the cost of breaking the peace with the humans [4]. The Blood Box' plan to unleash carnage on Earth by opening a portal for the inmates in Bromion Ground to Earth succeeded, but Vascar died in the process instead of leading the escaped prisoners [5].

Skills & abilities: Enhanced speed, strenght and agility from being a vampire.

Continuity: WildStorm
Publisher(s): WildStorm
DC Comics
First app.: WetWorks (vol. 2) #2 (2006)
Creator(s): Whilce Portacio
Mike Carey
Country of origin: USA USA

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