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Mr. I.N. Ferno

I.N. Ferno Real name: Unknown

Eyes: Yellow to orange with no visible irises
Hair: Orange flames
Race: Demon

Occupation: Barrister

Story: Mr. I.N. Ferno is a barrister of the type that will represent anyone as long as the pay is good. He is fueled by greed, ambition, arrogance and pride, and is a smooth talking, palm greasing, evidence tampering hot head who will provide the necessary defense for the vilest of villains and keep our streets filled with the most notoriuous and unsavory characters.

Ferno is currently working for The Jolly Roger in an attempt to legitimize his larceny.

Continuity: a.k.a. Comics Continuity
Publisher(s): a.k.a. Comics
First app.: The Miscellaneous Adventures of Stykman #1 (2005)
Creator(s): Jonnie Allan
Country of origin: USA USA

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