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The Jolly Roger

Jolly Roger Eyes: Black with dark yellow irises
Hair: None
Race: Skeleton

Occupation: Head of the Jolly Roger Candy Corporation

Story: Jolly Roger is the head of the Jolly Roger Candy Corporation. Ever surrounded by lawyers, beautiful women and his #2 man Handsome Dan, he finds himself locked in a never ending struggle to secure the ever illusive Ancient Aztec Recipe for the Gum Drop. Thanks in part to the bumbling buffoon Stykman he has continually fallen short (e.g. Stykman #1).

Through clever legal maneuvering the authorities have been unable to stop the nefarious schemes of this candy-coated cretin (they haven't tried very hard either).

Skills & abilities: Jolly Roger is a highly skilled candy maker.

Continuity: a.k.a. Comics Continuity
Publisher(s): a.k.a. Comics
First app.: The Miscellaneous Adventures of Stykman #1 (2005)
Creator(s): Jonnie Allan
Country of origin: USA USA

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