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Al Real name: Unknown

Eyes: Black
Hair: None

Occupation: Surfer
Group affiliation: NASA

History: Al came to Earth in 1947, when his spacecraft alledgedly crash-landed in the hills of Cape Girardau, MO. Through slight-of-hand, and misdirection, the government convinced everyone a "weather balloon" had come down in New Mexico causing mass panic, lunatic-conspiracy fringe groups, and increased tourism.

In 1962, having been granted clemency by JFK, and unable to develop an adequate fuel source to return him to his dimension, Al went to work with the NASA space program helping USA with the "simple" solution of reaching the surface of the moon.

After a failed attempt, in 1978, at getting an amendment to the Constitution and allow for foreign born citizens to run for the Presidency, Al became disilllusioned with the government and politics. He packed up his gear, and headed west in search of that ever elusive "something". Following a brief stint as a short order cook in Tucson, AZ, Al made his way to the O.C. and discovered the very "something" he had been searching for: the surf.

One evening in 1996, while collecting driftwood along the San Onofre beach line, Al came across a strangely clad form that looked oddly enough like the very driftwood he carried. After deciding against using it for the fire (a decision he regrets depending on the day you ask him.), Al nursed Stykman back to health and has been with him ever since.

Today Al continues to provide the weapons, vehicles, shoulder to cry on, and bail money necessary to keep Stykman in the fight for good, using his skills in science, homemaking and diplomacy.

Continuity: a.k.a. Comics Continuity
Publisher(s): a.k.a. Comics
First app.: The Miscellaneous Adventures of Stykman #1 (2005)
Creator(s): Jonnie Allan
Country of origin: USA USA

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