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Madam Mim

Madam Mim Alias: Mad Madam Mim

Eyes: Green
Hair: Gray with a purple tinge
Race: Human

Occupation: Witch
Base of operations: Duckburg

Story: Madam Mim is the witch from King Arthur's England who moved to Duckburg.

Skills & abilities: Madam Mim is a highly skilled witch.

Continuity: Disney
Publisher(s): Disney
Dell Comics
Gold Key
Whitman Publishing
First app.: Cartoons: "The Sword in the Stone" (Dec. 25, 1963)
Comics: "March of Comics" #258 in "The Sword in the Stone" (1963)
Creator(s): T. H. White
Bill Peet
Volus Jones
Don Lusk
George Kreisl
Country of origin: USA USA

Background notes: Madam Mim or Mad Madam Mim was originally created by T. H. White for his novel The Sword in the Stone from 1938. White rewrote the story in the 1958 version The Once and Future King where Madam Mim and her Wizard's Duel with Merlin was left out, but when Disney adapted the story in 1963, Madam Mim was used in the story although in a somewhat altered form (voice by Martha Wentworth). This was the only appearance of Madam Mim in cartoons for a long time. It wasn't until the anthology House of Mouse aired in 2001 she appeared in cartoons again (no voice information available) and so far that has only been in a few episodes.

After the movie the character was moved to modern day Duckburg where she started interacting with the other Disney characters. Mostly she was associated with the Beagle Boys and the other witches Magica de Spell and Witch Hazel, but she also had a lot of solo adventures. Unlike Magica de Spell, Madam Mim was not always a villain in the stories. From time to time she would help out instead and many of the stories were more in the vein of fun-with-magic. In US the Madam Mim was a regular in Walt Disney Comics and Beagle Boys until the series folded in the late seventies while in Europe the stories continued and new stories are still published on occation.

Despite Madam Mim being a popular character she never had enough interest to generate any merchandise of significance. A few pins is apparently all that's been made so far.

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