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Frømand Alias: Frømand

Eyes: Black
Hair: None
Race: Frog

Story: Frømand, whose real name is Jabiduttiperslikkenberg was hatched by Pildskadden. One day, Pildskadden had a pram and was washing diapers. Shortly after Frømand appeared [2]. Frømand was one of Gavstrikkerne (best translated as "The Cute Rascals") along with Pildskadden and Gøjen, he stayed with Rasmus Klump and his friends for a while but finally met the love of his life and stayed with her to watch circus for the rest of his life [1].

Continuity: Rasmus Klump
Publisher(s): P.I.B.
First app.: Rasmus Klump i pyramiderne (1954)
Creator(s): Carla Hansen
Vilhelm Hansen
Country of origin: Denmark Denmark

Background notes: Frømand like Pildskadden and Gøjen usually has no active parts in the stories. The function of Gavstrikkerne mostly resembles Storm P.'s "De tre små mænd og Nummermanden" or the pictures on the walls in George MacManus' strip "Bringing Up Father" adding small pantomime stories within the main story. Contrary to Pildskadden and Gøjen, Frømand did not stay in the series for long.

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References: 1: Rasmus Klump som dykker
2: Rasmus Klump på skattejagt