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Skæg Eyes: Black
Hair: Brown fur
Race: Seal

Story: Skæg is an old sailor. He only knows one story about one time in the Biscayan when a storm was brewing and the cook suddenly came running in, which is all he gets to tell before something happens and the story is interrupted.

Skæg enjoys two things in life: sleeping and eating (especially stewed codfish) and he has an uncanny ability to find the best places to eat and sleep.

Continuity: Rasmus Klump
Publisher(s): P.I.B.
First app.: Berlingske Aftenavis (1951)
Creator(s): Carla Hansen
Vilhelm Hansen
Country of origin: Denmark Denmark

Background notes: Skæg (Old Salt in UK and USA) is the closest thing to being controversial the series has ever produced. When the series was produced in the fifties, smoking was considered acceptable and perfectly normal for adult characters. With smoking being considered politically incorrect today it has been planned that in the reprints of the series, the pipe will be removed. In the Rasmus Klump cartoons from 1996-1998, the pipe was removed.

Names around the World:
Faroe IslandSkeggi
UK/USAOld Salt

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