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Kildare Date of birth: Around 1100 A.D.
Place of birth: Faerie

Eyes: Green
Hair: Light brown
Race: Fairie

Occupation: Faerie princess and owner of the bookstore/collectibles shop "Otherworld"
Marital Status: Single
Known relatives: Gwynnion (cousin)
Christabell (aunt)
Base of operations: New York City

Story: Lady Kildare of the house of Dannan is a princess of Faerie living on our side of the metaphysical fence. She grew up in Fairie with her cousin Gwynnion, in a carefree life of adventures into the human's world [2].

She has lived in the human world for several centuries and is currently living in New York City where she owns the bookstore/collectibles shop "Otherworld" [1].

Skills & abilities: Kildare is well schooled in the ways of magic and can use both magic and magical items.

Continuity: Avalon Studio's part of the Image Universe.
Publisher(s): Image Comics
Avalon Studios
First app.: Aria Preview (vol. 1) #1 (1998)
Creator(s): Brian Holguin
Brian Haberlin
Country of origin: USA USA

  1. Aria Preview (1998 series) #1
    Image Comics, November 1998
  2. Aria (1999 series) #2
    Image Comics, April 1999

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