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April, May and June

April, May and June Eyes: Black
Hair: White feathers
Race: Duck

Marital Status: Single
Known relatives: Daisy Duck (aunt)
Matilda (great aunt)
Drusilla (great aunt)
Tizzy (great aunt)
Group affiliation: The Junior Chickadee Patrol
Base of operations: Duckburg

Story: April, May & June are Daisy Duck's nieces. They help her out from time to time and are female opposites to Huey, Dewey and Louie.

Continuity: Disney
Publisher(s): Columbia Pictures
Dell Comics
Gold Key
Whitman Publishing
First app.: Walt Disney Comic #149 (1953)
Creator(s): Carl Barks
Country of origin: USA USA

Background notes: The sisters April, May and June Duck were created by Carl Barks and are some of the Disney characters that never really became popular in USA. Their first appearance was in Walt Disney Comic #149 from 1953. In the story they were not named, and it would be a long time before they reappeared. The next appearance was in Four Color Comics #1055 from 1959 and from there they started to appear on a regular basis. The names started with April being named in Dell Giant #35 and May and June in Four Color Comics #1140, both from 1960.

The three sisters were not used much by either Barks or Don Rosa but they have occurred regularly in the Disney books since 1960. Like many other Disney characters the stories today are produced in Europe. For some reason most of the stories are from Netherlands where the girls has been given blond hair, making them look a little older than they did originally. Others have tried drawing hair on the ducks before, but the Dutch stories seems to be the only where the looks are consistent. Like Huey, Dewey and Louie, the three sisters are identical. The only difference is the colors used on the clothes. The colors changes randomly making positive identification impossible. In many stories the three girls even wear identical colors. Only in the stories where the girls have blond hair is it possible to make a positive identification.

There are no indications on April, May and June being transferred to other media anywhere. It is however quite possible that they have occurred as merchandise like stickers, posters, pencils or similar objects.

Names around the World:
BrazilLalá, Lelé e Lili
Май и Юни (old name)
ColumbiaAbril Mayo y Junio
CroatiaLata Zlata i Nata
Czech RepublicMirka Šárka a Klárka
Dicky Ducky und Dacky (sometimes)
Jarka Šárka a Klárka (sometimes)
Dicky Dacky a Ducky (old name)
DenmarkKylle Pylle og Rylle
FinlandLeenu, Liinu ja Tiinu
Kaa´dren, Maa´ren da Kre´stten (Skolt Sami)
FranceLili Lulu & Zizi
Blanche Julie et Aglaé (old name)
GermanyDicky Dacky und Ducky
GreeceΈηπριλ Μαίυ & Τζουν
Έηπριλ Μέυ και Τζουν (sometimes)
Ντίλυ-Ντόλυ-Ντούλυ (sometimes)
Ντόλι-Ντίλι-Ντούλι (sometimes)
Ντόλυ Ντίλυ Ντούλυ (sometimes)
Ντόλυ Ντούλυ Ντίλυ (sometimes)
Ντόλυ-Ντίλυ-Ντούλη (sometimes)
Ντόλυ-Ντίλυ-Ντούλυ (sometimes)
Ντόλυ-Ντούλυ-Ντίλι (sometimes)
Ντόλυ-Ντούλυ-Ντίλυ (sometimes)
Έλη & Έβη, Έμη, Ντίλη Ντόλυ & Ντάλυ (old name)
IcelandDrífa Fönn og Mjöll
IndonesiaTita Titi Tati
ItalyEmy Ely Evy
NetherlandsLizzy Juultje en Babetje
NorwayHetti Letti og Netti
Hetty Netty og Letty (sometimes)
PolandKizia Mizia i Fizia
Maja Kaja i Taja (sometimes)
PortugalLalá Lelé e Lili
RussiaKaa´dren, Maa´ren da Kre´stten (Skolt Sami)
SerbiaНата Лата и Злата
Lata Zlata i Nata
Maca Caca i Daca (old name)
SpainAbril Mayo y Junio
SwedenKicki Pippi och Titti
Millan Pillan och Lillan (sometimes)
UK/USAApril, May and June

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